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Domain Name Registration Reviews 
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Below are several Domain Name Registration companies and  internet marketing services we have tested for our clients at The Webpage Publicity Agency. 

If you have any questions about the following companies or other programs or internet marketing services that have to do with Domain Names, send us an Email listing their website's "Domain Name" and your "Question" about them and we will get back with you within 24 hours.

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GoDaddy is a Domain Name company started by Bob Parsons, who was the founder of GoDaddy Software (started back in 1988). 

The Webpage Publicity Agency has been using and recommending GoDaddy for to our clients every since we first started our website marketing agency.

Not only does GoDaddy currently offer the cheapest price for Domain Names but they also have the best 24/7 customer support. They have also never tried to illegally make us, or any of our clients, move our Domain Name to their Domain Name company, like many other Domain companies have done to our clients in the past.

GoDaddy has now released a new whole sale division of their company allowing you to purchase your Domain Name through GoDaddy for only $8.75 a year instead of the regular price of $8.95 a year. To find out more just go to: 


1 year - $8.75 a year
2 years - $8.75 a year
3 years - $8.70 a year
5 years - $8.55 a year
10 years - $7.95 a year

"" is an ICANN-accredited registrar company. Now it is offering quite a lot of services to its customers in "registration of the domain names", cheap hosting, sales of SSL certificates etc. When you "buy your domain" in you get total control over your domain name. The domain registration, setup or transfer is an easy task with the powerful but handy control panel and special bulk management tools. is one of the few registrars nowadays who clearly states the price for "domain name registration" and charges no additional costs whatsoever. You can buy a domain name for 9.99$ a year and you will not be asked to pay anything extra. The important principles of operation stated by are the use of 100% reliable solutions and providing the customers with the maximum user-friendly interface.


1 year - $9.99 a year
2 years - $9.99 a year
3 years - $9.99 a year
5 years - $9.99 a year
10 years - $9.99 a year

Network Solutions used to be the official Domain Name company. If you wanted a Domain Name for your website you were required to purchase it through Network Solutions. However the government eventually declared Network Solutions to be a monopoly and allowed other companies to register Domain Names too. 

Network Solutions was later bought out by Verisign and changed their name from Network Solutions to Verisign. However this caused them to loose customers because of the name change. Since then, Network Solutions has used some illegal acts to try to rebuild their customer database.  

To read more about this issue (published by go to: 

Network Solutions also makes it extremely complicated to move your Domain Name from Network Solutions to a different Domain Name company. Because of this issue, and other reasons, the Webpage Publicity Agency currently does not recommend Network Solutions to the public or any of our clients for purchasing their Domain Name. 


1 year - $35.00 a year
2 years - $30.00 a year
3 years - $25.00 a year
5 years - $19.00 a year
10 years - $15.00 a year is a very well known Domain Name company. They also have very helpful customer service 24 hours a day too. However the Webpage Publicity Agency has received forms in the mail from stating our current Domains Names were getting ready to expire, when in reality they were not. also urged us to fill out their form and send it back to them right away before our client's Domain Names expired. Their form also asked us for our Credit Card information and signature, giving them permission to transfer our Domain Name to their service. For this reason, along with other reasons, the Webpage Publicity Agency does not recommend to the public or any of our clients.


1 year - $35.00 a year
2 years - $35.00 a year
3 years - $31.67 a year
5 years - $30.00 a year
10 years - $29.90 a year

We, at the The Webpage Publicity Agency, have received several forms in the mail from Domain Registry of America stating our client's Domain Names were getting ready to expire and we needed to re-register their Domain Names through Domain Registry of America right away otherwise we would loose those Domain Names. Domain Registry of America asked us for our Credit Card Number and signature saying we authorize the transaction. However, those Domain Names were not going to be expiring within 6 to 8 more months.

To read more about this issue (published by go to: 

The Webpage Publicity Agency has also continued to receive forms in the mail from Domain Registry of America asking us to renew Domain Names we, or our clients, no longer even own. This is the not only an illegal practice but is also considered as Fraud. For this reason the Webpage Publicity Agency does not recommend Domain Registry of America to the public or any of our clients.


1 year - $25.00 a year
2 years - $20.00 a year
3 years - (none)
5 years - $17.00 a year
10 years - (none)

The Webpage Publicity Agency does not recommend for purchasing domain names. 

BuyDomains has been known for keeping an eye on its client's Domain Names only to re-register their client's Domain Names under their own company name then sell the Domain Name back to their client for thousands of dollars.

If you are looking to purchase a good Domain Name, you can look through BuyDomains' Domain Name database. If you see a Domain Name you like to purchase from them for a few thousand dollars the Webpage Publicity Agency recommends you move that Domain Name to GoDaddy's Domain Name service after purchasing it from BuyDomains.


1 year - (none)
2 years - $16.00 a year
4 years - $16.00 a year
6 years - $16.00 a year
8 years - $16.00 a year
10 years - $16.00 a year

Domain Name Alert is a Domain Name Monitoring system that will tell you when certain Domain Names, owned by your online competition, are getting ready to expire. Domain Name Alert will then instantly Email you the second they become available. 

Domain Name Alert also has a Backordering feature that will not only keep track of when certain Domain Names are expiring but will also instantly Backorder and register those Domain Names under your own name automatically, the second they become available. 

If you sign up for the Investor's Edge of Domain Name Alert you will also be able to see all of the thousands of Domain Names that are expiring on the web every 24 hours. This allows you to find good Keyword Marketing Phrase Domain Names that apply to your online business that had originally belonged to someone else. The Investor's Edge will also automatically register those Domain Names for your, under your own name, the second them become available.


Monitoring - $1.95 a year per a Domain Name
Backordering - $18.95 a year per a Domain Name
Investor's Edge - $29.95 a year (unlimited Domain Names)

SnapNames is another very well established Domain Name backordering service online. With SnapNames you can pay them to watch a Domain Name someone else currently owns. Then the second the Domain Name become available again, if the current owner does not re-register the Domain Name before it expires, SnapNames will instantly register the Domain Name for you.

The way that SnapNames is different than Domain Name Alert is SnapNames lets you choose who you want to instantly register your Domain Name with once it becomes available again.


Monitoring & Backordering - $69.00 a year per a Domain Name

Deleted Domains is a Domain Name tracking service that monitors the WhoIs Database of Domain Names. 

With Deleted Domains you can search for Domain Names that are expiring today or Domain Names that have expired within the last month. Deleted Domains will give you a long list of Domain Names to look through and choose from.

With Deleted Domains you can also see which Domain Names have been put on hold and will be expiring within the next 30 to 40 days. This allows you to keep a close watch on certain Domain Names you want to purchase for future use.


$0.00 (free) 

Mozzle is a Domain Name monitoring program that will let you insert keywords or phrases into the box then give you hundreds of Domain Names that are currently available that have that keyword or phrase in them. Mozzle even has a built in thesaurus that automatically gives you other Domain Names with similar definitions to the keywords you asked them to perform a search on.

Mozzle will also watch already registered Domain Names you insert into their program for you letting you know when they will be expiring and when you will be able to register them and obtain ownership of those Domain Names. Mozzle will monitor Domain Names ending with .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, and .info along with several hundred other Domain Name extensions too. 


Personal Edition - $49.95
Professional Edition - $99.95 

Name Stalker is a software program you load on your computer that will track Domain Names and their expiration for you. Just tell Name Stalker to search for a specific Domain Name and it will tell you if that Domain Name is available for purchase or not. If that Domain Name is not currently available Name Stalker will automatically check it every 24 hours then immediately let you know when the Domain Name becomes available for registration.

Name Stalker will also watch all of your current Domain Names for you incase you did not get notified about their renewal. This will allow you to re-register them under your own name before someone else registers the Domain Name themselves.


2000 Domains Tracking - $250.00
Unlimited Domains Tracking - $750.00

If you found this web page to be helpful to you with finding the appropriate Domain Name company or Domain Name Tracking Software, I am going to ask that you tell your friends about our site by copying and pasting one of the links below to your own personal website. 

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